See direct lightning payment information for podcast 'boostagrams" etc

Like many here, I suspect, I’m a podcaster, earning satoshis using the value4value tipping system pioneered by Adam Curry and Dave Jones.

I’m paid directly to my node - but it seems that my ad-hoc lightning payments like this do not appear within the Umbrel interface at all. The total balance does go up, but I don’t see any individual payment information.

The TLV records of these payments also include useful messages, like the username of who tipped me, and a message. This allows me to read them out on a show, thus increasing the amount of people using the lightning network. Everyone wins - but I can’t see the TLV records either.

It would be really helpful if we were able to see these direct, ad-hoc payments within the Umbrel interface. I can see some of the information via RTL, but I can’t see it - am I missing something?