Sat balance drops 200 in umbrel

I have 200 fewer sats in umbrel balance. I can’t find where they went or why? It’s not much I’m super curious. I haven’t sent any sats in months.

Seems that you do not have enough knowledge about how Lightning Network works.
I am strongly suggest you to start reading more documentation about LN - this list of resources is there to be read and learn.

In your particular case, I will give you some hints:

  1. Don’t look too much at your total balance in Umbrel dashboard, you will get blind :slight_smile: That balance is in constant moving up and down due to several factors (commit fees, HTLC in transit, offline channels etc)
  2. Use Thunderhub to see more details about how is constructed that balance and also in the report liquidity it shows how much is taken by commit fees.
  3. Use RTL also to see a better view on HTLCs in transit
  4. Read more about commit fees here: Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3