Samourai Server - No QR code to link wallet to server

Running Umbrel on Ubuntu, Everything seems to be working ok, with the exception of linking my Samourai wallet to the Sam Server in Umbrel.

When I open the server, it says “running” at the top. Where it says to scan the QR code with the wallet, there is only the image of the Samuari soldier, no QR code.

Also, below that, where there is a link for Dojo maintenance, there is no admin key there as well.

Seems that something isn’t fully connected here. Any insights are appreciated. Thx!

anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems no one wants to answer questions regarding Samourai on Umbrel…

I have the same problem. I can see QR code when i’m connected via local network but samouray wallet in my phone says error with the Key. when i conect using tor, i can’t see the QR code. No idea what to do… :thinking:

i can’t access to dojo maintenance using tor. I don’t know what to do… :pensive:

Yo estoy justo en las mismas que usted, le dieron la solucion?