Switching Raspberry PI physical location (city, country)


New here, so apologies if basic question, but how would I go about moving my Raspberry PI from one location to another (e.g. when moving apartments) - i.e. what happens to the BTC and lightning nodes if I have to disconnect and reconnect it later, potentially from another city or country?

Also, is it possible to run a setup with two PIs in different locations, where one is backup for the other, in case of connection loss, or as support during a move?

Just move it. Don’t worry the sky is not going to fall because your node is offline. Your node is just a tiny copy in the ocean of other 50k nodes…
Just shut down graceful, transport it with care, plug it back and power on. It will take some time to catch up the blocks that weren’t synced in that period and done, you will be back in business.

Guys, please read and learn how Bitcoin network and Lightning network works, before running a node.
I posted a ton of resources in the Guides section of this forum. Those are there TO BE READ:


OK thanks, and thanks for the links!

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Hi again, another question: What is the Linux terminal command to shut down the PI, and how do I start the PI after a shutdown?

To turn off the Raspberry Pi: sudo shutdown -h now

and wait for the red power LED to flash briefly, and the yellow/green microSD card activity LED to stop blinking (around 30 seconds).

To turn it back on, just plug in the power cable, it should boot right back up.

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