Running a node on Raspberry Pi400

I was wondering if it is possible to run a node on a Raspberry Pi 400? I have flashed Umbrel OS V 0.4.9 on the SD card, have an external 1TB NVME SSD but before launching would appreciate some inputs here in the community, what about the temperature and would it still be possible to use the Raspberry Pi 400 as is? learning programming and all other apps? thank you in advance for your inputs.

Hi JohnSTA

From my experience, I don’t see any issues running Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi 400. Temperature was never a concern for my raspberry pis. Your setup sound perfectly fine to run Umbrel.
You won’t have access to a graphical interface though that you might want to learn programming and use other apps. Umbrel-OS doe snot provide a desktop interface like Raspian does. If you are comfortable working in the shell there should be no problems learning a programming language like R, Python etc though. Hope this helps.

Not a good idea, Umbrel is a server, it is not intendend to be mobile. RPi is problematic when connecting standing external disks, will be much more with moving disks (because USB pin contacts not very reliable).

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My raspberry pi is only in use for getumbrel. Nothing else. Its working perfect, does not stop, Update without problem, Temperatur is low. May be this is the reason for no problems ( until now:-)), that it works only for getumbrel. More is not necessary, everybody uses on top iMac, book or win pc on top. My oppinion.

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Hi Cryppyrc, thanks for your inputs much appreciated. So if i would run Umbrel on my Raspberry Pi400 I won’t be able to use the Raspberry Pi software, GUI, programs nor being able to use as web browser? is that correct?