RPi4b 2GB enough?

I am looking to run my own BTC node and PiHole (and possibly Lightning node as well). Just discovered the Embrel and looks promising - easy to use, with a great selection of apps.

Found a bargain RPI4b 2GB kit for sale (70 euros), but I am wondering - will that be enough to comfortably run Umbrel with BTC node and PiHole?

PS: I have an Unraid home-lab/server, but would prefer to run BTC node and PiHole on a different machine.

Thanks in advance!

nope … at least 4gb minimum but 8GB is good , you can get a pi400 4GB it’s cheap .

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Thanks for your answer. pi400 is about 120 euros new, which could get a used Intel NUC with an i3. Will have to think about this some more.

if you are in EU check kubii you can get the pi400 for 78,84 €.

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Thanks for the tip, they do have good prices!