Restored wallet - two channels won't close

@goliath77 This thread appears to be dead…posting regardless in case anyone needs this in the future.

The solution to the problem is not “waiting it out”… the issue lies with the way CLN and LND nodes are talking to each other and will not be resolved without some intervention.

May not have the lingo 100% down but here’s the issue:

CLN nodes are immediately closing the connection when receiving an SCB request from LND nodes. The connection is closed before LND has a chance to send the error message that triggers the necessary force close as part of the recovery process. The easiest solution is to contact the other node operator and ask them to force close. If that’s not possible, chantools developer just added a workaround that sends the error message separately to trigger the force close and recover funds.



Steps, per the developer… will need to ssh into your Umbrel and run via command line/terminal:

  • Download the latest version of chantools (v0.10.7) (use arm64 version for Umbrel)

  • Run the following command (replacing the peer address with the full address of the remote peer and the channel point with the channel in question):

    chantools triggerforceclose --peer [peer@address:port] --channel_point [channel:id]

  • The tool will ask you for your seed, which is required to initiate the encrypted p2p communication with the peer.

  • If the channel is observed by lnd (e.g. showing up in the list of lncli pendingchannels), then just wait until the force close transaction is confirmed and the channel should automatically update the status there.

  • If the channel isn’t showing up in the list of pending channels, you can use the chantools sweepremoteclosed command to sweep the funds.

After running the above steps, channel was closed almost immediately and funds were secured on-chain.

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