"Remote peer disconnected" "Failed to open" attempting to open lighting channel w/Thunderhub

“Remote peer disconnected” “Failed to open” attempting to open lighting channel w/Thunderhub. This follows successful channel openings and balancing but is now the status of any attempt to open lighting channels in umbrel/thunderhub. I raise transactions fees on open channels but assume that is particular to the channel and unrelated to this matter. I added the intended channels as peers prior to attempting to open with no luck.
Ideas to resolve?

before opening a channel you can “test” the connection with that node by adding it as a peer. If connects fine, then you can go and open the channel selecting it from peers list.
If is not connecting, means that node is not “visible” from your side.
Umbrel nodes are by default Tor, that means can open channels with Tor and clearnet nodes. But only clearnet nodes cannot open channels with Tor nodes, because they cannot “see” them, they are on another network practically.

Also keep in mind that sometimes nodes using Tor, can have issues with connecting on Tor network and the gossip protocol will not broadcast their “online status”, even if the nodes are OK, but are practically not visible in the network.

So if you see that your node have all channels fine online and is working fine, means that your peer is having problems on connecting his node on Tor/clearnet network. Will have to restart the node or debug what is going on. Or just wait a bit more and Tor will reconnect.