Recovering Wallet on Umbrel 0.5.0

Hi masteruan,

If you are missing your channel backup file. you will need to contact @mayank or @lukechilds and request the backup. You’ll need to have gotten to the point where you have successfully restored your on-chain wallet on your new umbrel node. You’ll need to then run the command:

cat umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep 'backup ID' | tail -n 1

and provide them with the output as it is the id that they can use to find your latest backup in there collection

Dear thanks for your reply.

I had started with one 0.4 Umbrel version updated to 0.5.0. 2 weeks ago the SSD was burned and I loose all the data.

So I start with new Umbrel. Now I have 0.5.1 Umbrel version with BTC node (still sync…) but the system doesn’t ask for 24 words seed.

Following your instructions I’ve to Install new 0.5.1 Umbrel connect to ssh and read the “backup ID” write to @mayank or lukechilds and communicate the ID.
They will send me some file that I’ve to copy inside the Raspberry directory by using ssh.

It’s right?


Did you follow the link to the instructions on how to restore your on chain wallet on 0.5.0? Recovering Wallet on Umbrel 0.5.0