Recognizing my 8TB drive

I have umbrel installed on a rather powerful desktop with debian. The main OS is installed on a 256GB SSD, and I have mounted another 8TB drive to /home/8TB. Umbrel only sees my 256GB drive, which isn’t even enough for a bitcoin node. How do I make it recognize the other drive as well? A specific mounting point?

Hey @SomeOrdinaryDude !
If your OS detects the 8TB drive, you should be able to install Umbrel on it using:
curl -L | bash -s -- --install-path /some/path
specifying the path of the 8TB drive.
Tell us if it worked out!

Yes I know I can install it on that drive. But I want to use my SSD as well, and eventually extra HDDs. Maybe I could install a VM or something on the SSD as a seedbox with a VPN and share the folder with my 8TB. Would the whole 8TB drive get wiped if I installed umbrel on it?

I noticed that nextcloud wouldn’t see my 8TB drive. So is everything except the drive which umbrel was installed on invisible to it? Is it just not a feature yet?

Umbrel apps are sandboxed by Docker so they don’t get raw hardware access, I think the best solution is to install Umbrel directly on your 8TB drive.
The drive won’t get wiped nor formatted it’ll just create a folder that contains the umbrel install in it.

It’s hardly a solution for me, but I think it will work for now. I can’t imagine it being impossible to let docker access another drive for example, like how you can share folders via a VM. Maybe not a high priority feature, since this is mostly for raspberry pis with a single external drive.