Trying to understand the limitation on multiple drives

I’m about to try out Umbrel on the following setup:

  • RasPi 4 4GB
  • Umbrel 0.5 burned onto 16GB microSD card
  • Ethernet connection
  • Argon Eon NAS
  • 1 x 4TB SSD, 1 x 4TB HD, 1 x 2TB HD

Is it not possible to install Umbrel on a multiple-drive machine at all?

Would I be able to install it first by pulling out 2 of the drives and then add them in later?

If not, what’s the rationale here?

I’ve hunted through the forums for an answer but it seems the assumption here is no-one would ever add more than one drive.


I second this. I would like to have things like Media files on spinning rust and the Umbrel and perhaps stuff like Bitcoin and Lightning on an SSD

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