Questions about new Apps / Setup

First of all, Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m new to umbrel (started with version 0.4.6 or smth…) but still quite a rookie :children_crossing: with Bitcoin, Lightning Channels and Wallets.
Like most of you, I was very excited about the new update to version 0.5.0. :partying_face:

But this is where it gets… confusing.
After the update suddenly I have the feeling there is like 2-3 Apps for one and the same purposes.

Would someone care to explain, what the individual differences between (or even better: use cases of) the following apps are?

Bitcoin Core :left_right_arrow: Core Lightning :left_right_arrow: Electrs :left_right_arrow: Lightning Node :left_right_arrow: Elements Core

I see a pattern with
Ride The Lightning (Core Lightning) :left_right_arrow: Ride The Lightning
but the other stuff doesn’t make much sense.

Bonus Question:

What would be the minimal viable setup to have a stable node with Bitcoin Lightning capabilities (only for myself, nothing fancy) without a huge RAM footprint (only have 2GB :roll_eyes:)?

Thanks in advance!

My understanding and may not be 100% accurate but I’m sure I will be corrected:

Bitcoin Node = Bitcoin core ----- syncs with the layer 1 blockchain and is what everything else is based from - required.

Electrs - electrum server, I think of this as curating the blockchain and provides a server for wallets and apps to access layer 1 blockchain information - not needed if not connecting external wallet?

Core Lightning and Lightning node - same thing but different implementations - Elements and LND respectively. You would only need one of these to access lightning network and create channels etc.

Elements core - not needed. This is for the liquid network - I’ve never really touched this.


I would have Bitcoin + Lightning node only installed.
Then manage lightning with lndcli via ssh so as not to bother with a management app like RTL, thunderhub or LNDg.


Thanks for your explanation. Just what I needed. :handshake:
In the meantime I had some time to learn about the details from GitHub, Wikis and other Documentation.

All the above combined, it makes much more sense now.

Interesting that you can use lndcli via ssh - I wouldn’t have a clue without you.