Question Regarding UTXO in RTL

I have a onchain wallet with about 100k sats. When I look in RTL at the on chain wallet section I have 0 UXTO, 3 Transactions, and 0 Dust . Shouldn’t there be a few UXTO in there ?

Other Info, I do not have any open lightning channels…

Is an UTXO with anchor reserve for all your channels. It can’t be used.
I mean you can, but forcibly.
You better ignore it.

Im sorry Im not following what you are saying. I don’t have any channels open and am not trying to open any channels at the moment. I am just investigating information from this guide How to consolidate UTXOs to open LN channels . Your comment appears to be in relation to having channels open, or attempting to open a channel.

In the guide, Im looking at the option 1 section where is says…


  • In RTL (Ride The Lightning) app, go to “onchain” section
  • You will see a bunch of UTXOs listed.

I dont see any UXTO’s listed, where I would of thought that I should have a few at least.

That guide is ONLY for those who are using the LN node, opening, closing many channels and creating many UTXOs.

In your case, is useless.
If you want to trace better only your onchain UTXOs (coins), you could import your node wallet into Bluewallet or Sparrow. Then you will have another better view and control of them.

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Hello DarthCoin
If my sparrow wallet is already connected to my node trough Electrum, is it safe regarding privacy to import Umbrel wallet seed in order to control every utxo ?
Is there any way to choose a specific utxo for opening a channel ?
Tks in advance