Coin selection and utxo

I have many UTXO in my node wallet.
I can’t really figured out how to manage them. I tried Zeus but even when selected the utxo is chosen ramdomly
If my sparrow wallet is already connected to my node trough Electrum, is it safe regarding privacy to import Umbrel wallet seed in order to control every utxo ?
Tks in advance

Ride the lightning can help if you want to remain on your node.

If you want to export the seed towards a wallet that has a better interface for UTXO control, you accept an inherent risk, but it is the same one that you would take by importing another wallet that is not related to a node.

Last year I decided to import a node wallet into the BlueWallet mobile app. I did my transactions and I uninstalled the app. I deemed that the risk was low and luckily nothing happened.

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