Problem installing umbrel on Raspberry Pi 4 "couldn't get connection details"

Hey all!

I’ve setup a new Raspberry Pi 4 box. Everything seems to be ok, flashed my SD card with no issue apparently, connected it to my router via Ethernet and it seems to be working fine.

But when I start Umbrel it get stucks. I have a lot of “OK” lines then I get “couldn’t get connection details”. It freezes there for 2 mins then I have a last line “[OK] Started daily apt upgrade and clean activities”. And that’s it, nothing else happens from there.

Do you know what the problem could be? I’m clueless right now…

I have this exact same problem. Did you fix this?


Has anyone found a solution to this problem yet?

started daily apt upgrade and clean activities

same problem

Finding that error in the source code, it seems to be trying to read the file /home/umbrel/umbrel/tor/data/web/hostname or resolve the ip address. If it can’t, this function returns and leaves you in a state where you can’t access the terminal. I can still ssh in just fine

that error can be found in the source code.