Problem after lightning node update 0.15.3-beta, need some help troubleshooting

After updating to lightning node 0.15.3-beta ligthning node is no longer loading.
Ride the lightning gives me " Error 500 Waiting To Start, Rpc Services Not Available"
Thunderhub gives me “UnableToConnectToThisNode”

I uninstalled and reïnstalled Lightnig Node, currently it’s showing “Scanning all transactions for recovery. This may take a while…” Doesn’t seem to be doing much but I’ll just wait I guess?

Yes, just wait it will come back and channels will go online once it has completed scanning, took almost 24 hrs in my case.

So it seems my channels didn’t automatically come back. After restoring from an automatic backup it’s now closing all my channels?

Should I have restored my channels from a manual backup through Thunderhub? :tired_face:

Why did you restore from backup ? After LND Upgrade to 0.5.3 and rescanning of transactions the channels would have come back on-line.

I didn’t see any channels, not sure why, any idea?
So in an attempt to get my funds back I restored a backup assuming that would do the trick.

OK, my guess it was still scanning for transactions. It is normal behavior for channels to close after a restore of Channel Backup see also Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide, Section ‘Recovering from a channels.backup’

If it was still scanning why wasn’t it displayed on the interface?
My onchain balance was restored but the lightning channels had all dissapeared?
Can I check this from terminal if I’d ever need it again?

yeah you could see it in LND log file, it would have repeated entries similar to error that Ride the Lightning threw ‘Error 500 Waiting To Start, Rpc Services Not Available’

One of my channels remains pending for a day now. I think all other funds settled back on-chain. What can I do?

Can this be of any help to troubleshoot this?