Preparing for Shutdown/Reboot

The node has been running for only a week but I’m thinking of shutting-down/rebooting… just waiting to stack a few tasks together so I do it once hoping will be the last one :laughing:

ATM, the workflow look’s something like the below:

Before shutdown:

During downtime:

  • upgrade the node case
  • add a fan to cool down the CPU
  • maybe add back TBC machine screen (not :100:sure yet)
  • make a backup of the microSD card (and store it in a secure, dry and dark space)

After downtime

  • Reconnect everything and Turn ON the machine
  • make sure channels are there (if they are not… restore)

there’s anything else I should do before, during or after the shutdown/reboot?

For just 1h off, I would not bother too much, is a short time and some peers not even notice it.
Just pay attention, if you can do it when you do not have HTLCs in fly. That could be problematic for peers and for you if something bad happen.
Is not really necessary, but is recommended.

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Cool, Thanks @DarthCoin . How I can check if the node has HTLCs in fly?

via SSH or I can use one of the apps provided by umbrel? maybe LNDg?

Open RTL - Lightning - active HTLC
Or right on the main page of TH

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It’s worth doing a backup of the SSD too? or just a copy of the mSD will be enough?

A copy of the mSD is good to have.
A copy of SSD is hard to achieve, you need to shut down your node and takes time and you will always have another state of your node. That is not good.

If you really want to have a secured copy of your data, use a RAID system, (but not software!), with 2 or 3 disks. That is not achievable with a RPi…

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