Potential Identitiy Leak

Hi…I keep getting the above warning when trying to log into Lighting Node.

I’ve just done an update to Umbrel and TOR and created a new identiy in TOR but just same warning

Anyone know what this is for?

Thank you

I get the same issue over tor. It’s been happening for a long time. I haven’t started using the lighting node, so It hasn’t been too big of an issue, but I’d like to get it going and am concerned about what this means.

Did you find a fix? has anyone else seen this?

Looks like this behavior is similar to what was documented here.

Looking a little deeper I found this thread

It appears that what this is indicating is that no script stopped an application from reading a cookie that could contain information. Both bits of documentation mentioned the attack this is looking for being uncommon, and a high false positive rate for the warning.

It was also noted this does not mean a breach has actually occurred necessarily. It seems to me this is something worthy of a bug fix when the opportunity arrives more then a risk to you, but definitely draw your opinions when it comes to the security of your keys!