[Poll] How many Nodes do you run?

How many Nodes do you run?

I have noticed that quite a lot of you seem to have decided one Node is not enough.
(Running meaning 24/7)

If you have even more than two, please comment below how many and why. :wave:

Amount of nodes running
  • None yet
  • Only one Umbrel node
  • Only one “alternative” Node (myNode,RaspiBlitz…)
  • Two or more Umbrel Nodes
  • Two or more “alternative” Nodes
  • Two or more (mixed)

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Does a testnet node count? :rofl:

When you run more than one Umbrel Node on the same network does the second one show up as umbrel2.local or the such? Thinking about adding more but haven’t looked into how it manages multiples on the same network yet.

I read somewhere it does label them in some numerical order. Here’s your grain of salt as I’m not 100% sure, but I seem to recall someone somewhere saying it does, the github may be where I saw it.

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I knew I probably missed something :grin:

You can access each individually using their local ip addresses.

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@chance @Human.Debris @garvin The second Umbrel will be accessible at umbrel-2.local, the third umbrel-3.local, etc.


I entered on my second Node using umbrel-2.local my password but then the program hangs.
Do have a solution for that?