Multiple Umbrel Nodes

Am I able to run multiple umbrel nodes on the same home network? If I go to umbrel.local will I be able to simply log into the different nodes using different passwords? I think I want a dedicated node for bitcoin and a separate node for my personal data. Also, is it possible to connect multiple SSDs to a raspberry pi to create more space to save data?


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If you have multiple nodes, you can use the IP address for each.

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I am thinking about the same i.e. multiple umbrel nodes. @atomicakorn is all your queries resolved i.e. like how umbrel.local will resolve the instances. if yes, could you post answers to all your questions so that people can read and help themselves. also, is there a way to create different url to different nodes something like umbrel/1 --> to node 1, umbrel/2 —> node 2 etc … rather than remember the ip addresses ( which is ephemeral as we know) …might becomes friendly for kids to remember which nodes belong to whom @lukechilds @louneskmt . not sure if it is documented somewhere … if yes, pls share. keep up the good work !!

Hey! The first Umbrel that was setup should be accessible at http://umbrel.local, and the second one at http://umbrel-2.local.


I’m reacting on this post of some month ago. I also like to run two or more nodes under one Umbrel account. One for financial business and two other for home control and file-storage. With split IP-addresses, accessibility sounds interesting as networks are build that way. What concerns me is the Umbrel SW. If two or more nodes are active am I able to access them in a point to multi-point approach, in parallel, at the same SW account of Umbrel?

Looking forward your reactions.

Thank you, JW

This absolutely worked for me.

Thank so much for this clear and concise reply.