Please validate the Bitcoin address is correct

I have problem with opening Lightning Channel, when try open channel with 200k satoshi, have Umbrel 0.3.10 version, using ASINQ address, trying open channel by remotely via Tor Browser says: Please validate the Bitcoin address is correct, I try restart but no action

my node is 100% synchronised, deposit satoshi and have this problem when try open channel " Please validate the Bitcoin address is correct." i try restart but same problem

Make sure you’re using the full address with the @ ending in .onion. You might also need to add them as a peer first in Ride the Lighting, then open the channel.

I have added peer, but …

Might be that the node you are connecting to has a minimum channel size. I ran into a similar error.

Problem solved. If we look closely, we just have to wait for the blockchain to fully synchronize and to start connecting with different peers. On the Lightning Network.