Can't open channel on LN


When i try open channel says:

Please validate the Bitcoin address is correct.

You should be using a Lightning Node address not Bitcoin address to open a channel. Sorry, if that’s obvious and the comment is not helpful.

when i enter for example pubkey@ip:port of Node: ACINQ, says that

Do you have enough SATS to open this channel?

Yes i have 260000+

Try to restart your Umbrel. I experienced this before and a restart helped fix it for good.

after restart i have other problem ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

Can you access it via IP?


Something got messed up with your setup. Reflash your card. It should work after that.

After full reinstall have other problem

Node is full sync and still same problem Please validate the bitcoin adress is correct.

Same problem to me, Please validate the Bitcoin address is correct… what can we to do in this case?

Looks like the node you are trying to connect to is offline.

This post is from May… its done.

I have the same problem. Can anyone tell me how it is solved?