Pi-Hole, DHCP Server Mode

Checking back as it seems the last conversations about this were in 2021. Has there been succesful use of Pi-Hole’s DHCP server capabilities? Looking at the docker compose for Pi-Hole in the github source for umbrel apps, it looks like the port and net_admin capabilities are not added for DHCP. Which according to Pi-Hole’s official docker setup references, would mean DHCP wont work.
If anyone has gotten this working with Umbrel, I am all ear’s on how to make it possible.
I did see some folks sideloaded portainer, and then setup Pi-Hole through Portainer?
But there werent detailed instructions on how they went about that.
any help would be appreciated! I would test the DHCP but I dont want to end up moving all my static reservations over if its just going to fail anyways, hence why im looking to community if they have tried with success.