Open channel using public key instead of Tor Lightning Address

Will the lightning channel still route payment if the channel is opened using public key instead of Tor Lightning Address on umbrel?

  1. There’s no such thing as “Tor Lightning Address”
  2. public key = nodeid
  3. node URI is your nodeID+onion address or IP + port
  4. To open a channel with another peer, you need nodeURI, is not enough nodeID
  5. Once the channel is open and the gossip protocol it broadcast it, it doesn’t matter anymore if your node is running behind Tor or on clearnet

Thanks for the clarification. It is very helpful. I somehow manage to open channels with just the pubkey using LNDg. Therefore, I asked this question.

I used the term Tor Lightning Address after seeing it on LN+. Thanks for correcting me.

Lightning Address is totally something else… LN+ is using thr wrong term.

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