Odroid m1-ubuntu-umbrel

I installed a system with Odroid m1+, Ubuntu OS for Odroid, connected a crucial internal 2tb ssd. I installed Umbrel with “ curl -L https://umbrel.sh | bash” on the command line following raspibolt. The installation works perfectly. Umbrel can be found at umbrel.local. When you install the bitcoin app, the block is not written to the ssd crucial disk but to sd card32gb. It’s not what I want.

Before installing umbrel, I mounted the ssd and formatted as per the raspibolt instructions. On terminal in df _H the 2tb disk is found, but Umbrel doesn’t see the SSD. What did I do wrong? Who can help me?

Hey @dhie, we should be able to disregard the raspibolt instructions if we’re currently attempting to install Umbrel, this would cause conflicts if we’re trying to install two operating systems on the lower powered single-board computers…

We can follow these instructions for flashing your MicroSD card instead of running the linux command on the box on the left, Step 2 includes the image to download…https://umbrel.com/#start

Oh I see you’re on an Odroid, if you want to install via the Linux command line you can run this installation command to specify the path:

curl -L https://umbrel.sh | bash -s -- --install-path path/to/external/drive

And replacing “path/to/external/drive” to the path of the different directory on the SSD Crucial disk

Hope that helps, keep us updated on running on your Odroid