Node without Raspberry Pi 4

Hello, I am having trouble getting my hands on a Raspberry Pi 4, so I wanted to build my node with a RockPro64 4GB. I know some things stay the same when building the node. But some things do change. I can get the SSD they recommend, the MicroSD card they recommend, the ethernet cable as well and another couple things. But when it comes to the Case, Power Supply, and maybe even a fan for the node I am a little bit lost on how to make these changes accordingly. Has any of you build a node with the RockPro64, and what do you recommend to get in terms of the case, power supply, and the other things that won’t work for the RockPro64 that work on the Raspberry Pi 4. Sorry if it isn’t clear. I just want to build my node with a RockPro64 but do not know how to make the changes accordingly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks