Building a new node

I’m planning to buy these components for a new Raspi node. Can you advise if you see anything wrong here? Thank you!

Wow, talk about price gouging on the pi. I think there are shortages though. I usually shop on

If I have the product correct that I see on amazon it looks like the expansion board is for an M.2 and you’re looking at an internal 2.5 inch SATA drive. This won’t work. you want an M.2 nvme drive. Assuming that the expansion board is good, I cannot confirm this

Also next time please include the amazon links to help me save time finding what you’re looking at.

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Also I think posting in the “Guides” section was incorrect as well, it should have been posted in “Support and Troubleshooting”. Likely why I received a notification for your post

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Thanks, I moved the post and will do as suggested.

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