Node doesn't sync anymore

Hello, i have my nodes since several month now, it worked fine. I checked recently and see that the node doesn’t sync anymore, now i’m a 99.47% ( i was at 100% few weeks ago). i’m on a raspberry 4 with a SSD. I restarted the Raspberry but the problem is still here.

I can’t upload the troubleshoot file

Thanks in advance for help

I noticed this today as well.

I killed off my channels months ago, but continue to keep the node connected to contribute to the blockchain, and to use as a btc wallet.

I logged in today to see 99.4% synced and the last block was like 20+ days ago

Try to update to LND 0.15.2 or higher. This is an emergency hot fix release to fix a bug that can cause lnd nodes to be unable to parse certain large blocks.