Node breakdown undefinable

Dear all,

i am a little bit frustated. My umbrel node should run 24/7 and it was in the past. Since a few month my node at some point just breaks and is not reachable anymore. No chance to connect via SSH, umbrel.local or the IP directly. I dont know if in the background the Node is still working but i guess not as i unplug it every time when this happens and then it need to synch again a few blocks -> This would mean that once its not reachable anymore - it also not works in the background anymore.

I cannot find a reason why the node breaks. its not like it happens every hour or day. Sometimes its 2 days sometimes its just a few hours. I cannot get the logs as it seems that it start to write new once after reboot.

First questions maybe: How do i get the logs from the latest session. This might includes the reason for the breakdown

Second question: Does someone has the same issue or has an idea how to solve?

Thanks an all the best