Node 'Availability' Decreasing


I updated to the latest software package last week and now am noticing significant declines in my availability as shown on I’ve been running my node for over a month now and have only noticed slowly moving up on the availability ranking over time until last week.

Now I’ve dropped from below 100 to over 200 in this timeframe without changing anything on my node except updating software. Is anyone seeing/experiencing something similar or have some tips for me to look into why this is happening?

While you were updating you were offline for a while. This is the reason you get the poor rating. It will recover within a few days.

But it continues to drop now after the update and it’s been over a week

Hm… I’m not sure, but I would try to add peers, especially 1ml’s node. That way they can surely see your node being online.

Thanks yes, I have them as a peer.

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Other nodes that were off just got back online. Nothing to worry about. 1ml availability rating is quite a shit metric anyway