Nextcloud login in the first time

I installed the nextcloud app in Umbrel. then launched it. I got past the not a valid domain name error and now I am struggling to find a username password combination that works. I have tried the umbrel user and the one I created when I logged into Umbrel for the first time. I have tried the password I created and the moneyprintergobrr password with both users. Nothing seems to work. I looked at the nextcloud docs and there is a reset for the admin user but I have noticed the /var/www directory doesn’t exist which makes me wonder in nextcloud is ready to run after just installing the app from the Umbrel app store.

Moneyprintergobrrr is to have three R’s.

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You are correct and you are the winner. That was the password! Thank you for taking to time to notice that detail. Now I am in and I don’t know anything about it so I have a lot to do.

Lol join the club.
No sweat!
I’m new here as well.
The help on this forum is outstanding and everyone goes above and beyond to help one another and solve each others problems.

  • it’s like the internet! (Without the assholes!)

I’m actually stuck at not a valid domain name- how did you get past that?

Just installed Umbrel here and having the same issue, what would be the username for that password? Should I create one?

hie everyone

i just installed NextCloud on my Umbrel … but I can’t find online any tutorial about how to set up security settings etc. anybody has a link or an explanation ???

did anyone wrote a step by step guide on how to enable HTTPS on Nextcloud for exemple ?

Is it supposed to stay a http://umbrel.local/xxxx adress to access it ?