Monitoring my Umbrel

Hi! How would I monitor my Umbrel to see if it is down or unreachable? Visually my Umbrel seemed fine (lights flashing), but I couldn’t connect to it (had to pull the power plug).

I would be cool if I got notified by email when this happens. Any ideas?

Open a command line and type:
ping 192.168… (your node IP)

  • if is responding, then is ok
  • if is not responding, restart it / check the cabling

I actually mean continuous monitoring and alerting, not a one-off check.

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??? If node is broken, issued, etc, how it gonna send messages? :flushed:

I’d suggest installing an app such as mempool, and have something to poll that URL on your node, and if it returns not found or not responding, then it’s obvious something is wrong with your node. For example, I could have a separate host to poll (the IP address varies for everyone, but the port 3006 should remain the same regardless) every 10 seconds, and if it doesn’t respond within a minute, you can have that monitoring software to send you an alert that there’s something up with your node.

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Yeah, I’ll. probably go with that. In combination with this:

You can use and select their PORT monitoring, set it to 3006. Their free service does check every 5min and will message you when there’s a problem.

That would be great, but don’t I have to open that port in my router then?

You can open up a Lightning channel with the Lightening Watch Bot.

It will send you a message whenever it can’t see your Lightning channel, which probably means there is something wrong with the Umbrel.

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Yeah, I actually used to use that, but they lost all channels and my sats with it. Looking for something I can control myself this time. Thanks anyway.

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I think this might be what you’re looking for:


Not tried it personally.

That won’t work when the raspberry Pi is down :slight_smile:

I am using uptimerobot to ping my router and bos to tell me if my node crashes and msg me in telegram. Case 1 is for internet disconnection case 2 for other node problems

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What is “bos”?

Hmm interesting. Could you please share a bit more about your setup? Is this bos installed in the umbrel or on another machine? How do you send a Telegram message when it is down?

I will help you better later today. Just turned off my pc and got to bed. Basically bos msg me by telegram if the node got offline and I can always check if it’s all right sending it a command like /version or any other command. The only case it doesn’t works is when my internet gets off and it can’t send me a msg for obvious reasons. I’m that case I use the uptimebot to check my ip every 5 minutes and msg me if it’s offline

Using bos in other machine from outside of my network would be the best choice but its not an option for me so used those little tricks and it works

It is installed in my node

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Ha! yes of course.

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