MicroSSD question after balenaEtcher flash

Hi guys i have a 128GB MicroSSD and i have succesfully flashed the UmbrelOS, also validating the flash.

However if i check the card in my Windows disk manager i see that most of the card partition is not allocated, is this normal?

I`m waiting your reply before power up the device for the 1st time. Thank you in advance.

Hi Aron,

yes my Node is synchronizing atm.

I had an issue at the 1st power up due a known bug but the team on Telegram helped me immediately with some command lines and all is running perfectly now. There was a bug apparently putting my SSD in blacklist and now is solved.

I have a question however:
I will send soon 0.001 BTC so i can open a channel and start with the Lightning channel.
However i’m a bit unsure about how to compile correctly the lightning channel form that pop when u open the channel : pubkey@ip:port
I assume that as pubkey you just enter the lightning address that you find clicking the 3 dots on the top right , the ip as your current umbrel IP and as port what do you have to enter (since i’m unable to find that information atm)?

Thank you for your time and your kind help.

Yes i have read now some guides/docs. Thank you Aron.

But if i have well understood you need to put another node data for an outbound channel, while if you want to create also an inbound channel i assume that you need to put your own data.

Is it a good idea to create 2 channels, 1 outbound and 1 inbound? With f.e. 1Mil sats each ?