Lnd v0.14.1-beta Is out, is it worth to update?

Hi there! I’ve seen that there is a new version of lnd (v0.14.1-beta). Since it’s beta, is it worth to update or just wait for Umbrel’s next release? If yes, is there a simple command line that any newbie could use to update?

Umbrel devs will include it soon in the next release of Umbrel. After testing it of course.
I like that Umbrel development team act as a buffer between new rushed releases and actual final versions.
Usually is good not to update so quick. As was with v0.14 of LND that was almost a disaster. The fact that Umbrel is in some way delaying to update immediately can save their users from more trouble.
Anyway, LND 0.14.1 is an important update that fixes many things.
In general yes, is good to have all software updated. But be patient.

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Thanks for the answer @Darthcoin. I’ll gladly wait.