LND is locked. Lightning Wallet don`t run

Now, my Funds, in the Lightning Wallet, are 20 Days locked. I can’t do anything. I can’t believe that Everything here depends on 2 or 3 people. I’m getting no Answers for a view Days. I haven’t received any Replies for Days.

Lounes just told you that they responded you on Telegram. So why you still continue with this?
Your funds are not locked, you can redtore them anytime. Check the restore node wallet guide and choose the method suits you more.

Because I have received no Answer for 9 Days on Telegram.
Check the restore node wallet guide
I’m hearing this for the first time.

I’ve been trying to get my lightning wallet to run as well. Have 400k sats in the btc wallet. Was thinking I need more because my lnd sais active! Do you think my problem is similar?

Sorry @Lord_of_Waringham, I must have missed your messages on Telegram. I answered and ready to help you go through the rest and restore process.

Can you give some more details about your issue?

I try to send funds into the lnd from various lightning networks and can not. The denial of the network is either path not found- or wallet not funded.

That should be on another topic, but do you have any channels open, and enough inbound liquidity?

I’ve been trying to open a channel with the electrum account I have (200k sats in lightning). Also a nit confused how to open a channel with my own windows full node. I did connect a blue wallet, one blue wallet has fund, the other(connected one) does not. In my Umbrel Bitcoin account 400k sats!
btw thx for your time. I am very new (and green - I know).

No, you are doing it wrong. You cannot open channel towards your Electrum LN wallet.
But what you can do is open channel FROM electrum towards your node, but only when you use Electrum connected to a tor electrum server (can be your own umbrel node).
Electrum in normal mode (clearnet) will NOT see your umbrel node.

So first: connect Electrum to your node (see connect wallet in Umbrel dashboard)
Second: deactivate in Electrum - preferences - lightning - trampoline channels
Third: open a channel with your tor Umbrel node

To remember: that channel will be a private channel. That means you can receive/send sats through it, but WILL NEVER ROUTE others txs


has this been figured out? i’m getting a similar issue

ThreadRPCServer incorrect password attempt from XX.XX.XX.X:XXXXX
[ERR] RPCS: [/lnrpc.Lightning/GetInfo]: wallet locked, unlock it to enable full RPC access

You can do this.

I struggled big times with the same issue.
I was able to resolve it.

Seems that somehow the lnd\lnd.conf was not updated with the right details.
Once I updated both bitcoind.rpcpass and tor.password with the right values (which you can find in the .env file) magically it started to work all again

@Billiant4ever how did you update lnd.conf with the right details. i am having the same issues. any help will be greatly appreciated!

you can just rename or delete an old broken lnd.conf file and restart the node.
It will generate a default one.
From there you can start editing it again with your own customizations.
But be aware: leave the default lines as they are and add only your ones as new lines.
Here is an example of lnd.conf, where the customized lines are very well documented and pointed out.


Many thanks @DarthCoin I will try this out now!