List of transactions from mempool

I am trying to download the list of transactions in from mempool table format in R as I would like to run some stats.
I tried to run the following line
and even if it gets executed with no errors, the variable created does not have the info I am looking for. Below a screenshot, can anyone help? thanks

There´s a command for RPC console “getrawmempool” that returns all the pending transactions in your node.
Guess you will have lots of fun time with this… :rofl:

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Hi LoboGuara, which console from RPC? I tried to access the RPC terminal but it’s asking me for a password


In the Btc-Rpc-Explorer app, you can set a password, look for a file in directory “app/btc-rpc-explorer” with several variables, edit and set password something you like and then restart umbrel. No need for set user. Then rpc browser and terminal of btc-rpc-explorer can be acessed.

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do I have to do this in SSH?

Yes, locate the file and use nano editor. But be very careful in editing files, you may crash system.
I don´t wonder what you will do with a list of 1000’s TXIDs. Then you will have to decode each TX, and analyse them, 100’s of conventions and ego disputs involved. :thinking: