Lets reach a top performing node / Selfhelp team

Hello Umbrel Family,

at the moment I am in the process of dealing with Lightning more intensively. I would like to form a self-help team that works on improving the Lightning channel performance of your nodes.

Through the Lightning terminal I have found some deficits in my node. I would like to fix them with a first remote session with more experienced Lightning users. The goal should be a positive lightning health check.

LN Terminal

My Node:

If you are interested in helping me and helping each other in person (remotely) then write me via Telegram @flolucious or let me know here in the post how to contact you.


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Hey, I managed to get green health check on terminal without doing anything too special. The guides that LN terminal links to give hints to what you need to do.
The important things seem to be:

  • Staying online. A few times I’ve had to restart my node and then I was put as ‘unstable’ for about a week.
  • Have a few big (2-3M) channels to a few central nodes

This might help too

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Thanks for the feedback! Currently my channels status:

What about loop in and out? Do i need to balance my channels?


I’m not sure how much impact your channels’ balance has. It’s not public info, but on the other hand well connected nodes that are notorious for having no outbound capacity don’t make it up there.

It would be something to look into if you don’t pass the “Many healthy channels” check. Otherwise I would just make sure you have inbound and outbound capacity and set fees to hopefully balance channels naturally.