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Hi all,

i just installed umbrel on my pi and must say good job!

I have some questions in general and maybe someone can answer them for me.

  1. my network is powered by a UDR (Unifi Dream Router). This reports the block of traffic at regular intervals. (So far no app is installed → clean installation). I wonder if there is already communicating with the Tor network and because of the public Tor address. Thread Management is on (incl. Tor & P2P + Dark Web Blocker).

edit: ok need to check unknown threads and now i saw its Tor … so i exclude my pi from Threat Management :100: save

  1. how about access via ssh to the system to install additional packages that are not provided as an app? Is it not advisable because umbrel could be affected? Which also raises my next question / consideration in the room. —> Terminal app
    edit: found a post about ssh but not sure if this could effect umbrel…

  2. how could you collaborate on the project to develop more apps. like a terminal app. I have my pi also run in an Argon One housing, which also provides a package to control the fan. It might be interesting to integrate this into umbrel. I would also be willing to take on this development.

That’s it for now. Thanks for your feedback.
Cheers, Saintenr

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I’m seeing the same issue. I also show 673 threat detections but no new detections in the last two hours.

I installed my UDR and attached my RasPi to it this am and started getting detections and threat notices roughly 2 hours later. First intrusion attmept detected at 8:46am and first threat detected at 8:42am.

Is this a false positive on the treat detection system of the UDR or should I be concerned?

This is because TOR is active when you use umbrel. And when you’ve the full protection active TOR Network is blocked also. I deactivated it at my UDR.