Is tor relay running with Umbrel?

Hello everyone

In what mode does Tor work with the default settings? Does it work in gateway mode, allowing other users to access the Internet from my address? I ask because all this is very strongly prohibited in our country, and I would not like my host to work in exit node mode for other users.

No,. Tor on Umbrel is just a client, not a relay. And you have nothing to worry using that in any country.
But you should ask yourself: WHO can prohibit you to do whatever you want? Do those have “jurisdiction” over you and your own business? Because if they have jurisdiction means is slavery and they would have to prove that they are your masters/owners of you…

So all their bullshit of “prohibition” fall apart when you ask them: “please prove me whit a paper/document, that I signed and give my consent to be your slave (be under your jurisdiction)”. They will never come up with such thing. If they bring up something it will mean SLAVERY and they do not want to show the world that.

Think about this aspect…