Is there an option to access Apps *without* the "login with Umbrel"?

Hello world,

I have added some apps on my Umbrel that I want to access securely through the Internet from any device. So a VPN is not an option.

Hence I created an external service on my kubernetes cluster pointing to the App’s IP / port combination, and while this works like a charm for pi-hole, it fails for any other App I tried (say, FreshRSS, code-server, transmission, …). Each time I access the App through the public DNS automatically provisioned by my kubernetes ingress (e. g. it will redirect to port 2000 for the “login with Umbrel” functionality (even though I have set up my own Login in FreshRSS).

So, the question is, can the detour via Port 2000 be disabled?
Or what would be the proper route to expose singular Apps under their own DNS name … ?

It is quite evident that it is possible, after all pi-hole works perfectly with no detour whatsoever …

Thanks for any advice and greetings,

I think you can disable it per app. You will have to poke in the individual app docker config.