Is there a way to detect Route Hints?

My node is not able to detect my Muun wallet, meaning I can’t send BTC there on the LN network.

Muun are telling me their Wallet is a private note and needs Route Hints to be connected to.

is this possible? Thanks, P

Look at Muun wallet on 1ML and open a channel to a node that has a channel open to Muun. Some of the larger nodes have placed limits on who can open channels with them to cease routing issues.Usually this is done by having a min channel size but there are other ways as well.

I think Munn’s node is magnetron and the Munn app creates a private node for you with a channel from their node.
To receive payments to your invoices from the Munn app has routing info to let payers know to go to their node to reach you.

Example invoice from Munn app showing magnetron public key

Thanks, I found out that Thunderhub doesn’t support route hints yet.