Is there a security problem for installing Pi-hole on the same raspberry as a Bitcoin node?

hi, i have installed unbrel and created the bitcoin node. My question is if you see any security problem in installing pi-hole on the same machine. I want to remember that pi-hole will channel through the same IP that the raspberry has (where is pi-hole and the node) example: all the navigation of my devices, since to configure pi-hole you have to change In the router the DNSs and indicate that it goes to the Raspberry (Umbrel) IP where the node and pi-hole are installed. By directing everything to that IP, I wonder if I am creating any risk for my bitcoin node. thank you very much

I can’t see there being any security issues with this setup. I have both packages installed on my device. I am still learning about SBC/Linux/Umbrel so take my answer with a grain of salt.