Introducing umbrelOS 1.0 — Rebuilt from the ground-up

Hey everyone,

We’re incredibly excited, because the day has finally come to pull back the curtain on what we’ve been working so hard on for the past several months — umbrelOS 1.0.

→ Watch the reveal:

umbrelOS 1.0 is a complete rebirth of umbrelOS, engineered from scratch for unparalleled stability, UX, and security.

It’s rolling out on March 18, 2024 as a fresh installation download, and as an update for our Umbrel Home & Raspberry Pi users. For Ubuntu & Debian users running umbrelOS 0.5, it will be available in April 2024.

We’re also excited to announce the new, upgraded Umbrel Home with Intel N100 chip, 16GB RAM, and 2TB SSD. Shipping worldwide, starting today. Learn more…

umbrelOS 1.0 blog post
umbrelOS 1.0 website
Twitter announcement


This is great :smile:, congrats! You also achieved a competitive price for Umbrel Home.

If there is a way to collaborate with more translations, I’m pretty sure many would be willing to. Anyway, awaiting to see the new update. Best of luck!


Thanks, @Galetaire! :smiley:

Once the 1.0 source code has been made public on our GitHub before the actual release, we’d love to collaborate with the community with more translations!


Will there be multiple user support?

Glad to see the inclusion of https.

Will there be support for mounting addition SSD’s? 2TB (built in) is not enough for anyones media library let alone anything else.


Love the new update, cant wait to see it in action. Again, 2tb is really insufficient, external SSD;s dont do justice, what would really make this new Umbrel home go through the roof in sales is the expansion capability of the board itself, like 8tb would be super cool. Else than than I am happy with my minisforum mini pc with 8tb in it dedicated to Umbrel. Congrats once again on the new umbre!

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Congrats guys! This is an awesome milestone :rocket:

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Will it compatible with Raspberry Pi 5?


It will.


What time UTC will the upgrade be available?


Just wanted to congratulate to the Umbrel team and wishing you all the best for the launch tomorrow! Keep up the good work!


Pumped for the update. What time is the release? Bought the Home too so very excited about the upgrade.

The burning question though, will you add support for external SSD?

Okay it’s almost noon on March 18th, where is the new OS?

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Take a look to the homepage and be calm.

I’ve upgraded and confirm there is no external storage support. Disappointing for sure. Would like to mount a USB drive or NAS on my network.

Struggling to see any additional benefit as of yet between the previous version. The widgets are okay but not entirely necessary, basics like https and the ability to mount additional drives have taken a back seat while the UI team ate the budget jazzing things up and moving things around.

Drive mounting is super basic stuff - if Umbrel encrypted data on the main SSD then you could understand some technicality in mounting extra SSDs or HDDs.

Plus there is no native support for PCIe NVME SSDs on Pi 5.

Considering Casa as someone mentioned it on Reddit and may try that. It definitely supports multiple drives which could enable me to run one pimped up server instead of three Umbrel ones because of the drive mounting issue.

After a few hours upgrading multiple Umbrel servers I was expecting so much more - but within 5 mins I’d seen everything.

I have a problem with my lightning!

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Don’t you have a premium licence like MyNode to have some features like “one click upgrade” ?
Thanks, evelino