I can't verify own Transactions from Umbrel (Electrs issue)

Dear community,

I can’t verify Transactions from Umbrel (Via Mempool or BTC Explorer) because Electrs is not synchronized. I am reaching out to you because I am stuck with this issue for while now, and haven’t found any useful answer in older posts.

I am running Umbrel 0.5.3, BTC Node sync at 100% on a Pi 8 mb of ram, 1 T SSD.

Eletrcs status is: Waiting for Bitcoin Node to finish syncing…

I did some troubleshouting (restart Umbrel, shutdown, reinstall these apps): it worked and Electrcs synchronized to 100% and could even find wallet/tx on Mempool - but only for a while. Then Electrs lost sync again : Waiting for Bitcoin Node to finish syncing…

I would be grateful if you had any suggestion…

Thanks in advance


Same issue here. Not finding any help on this forum. About to just wipe the whole thing and start again.