HWI whitelist page not loading, then loads

Hi everyone!

I’m using the Specter app on my Umbrel (the app itself and not connecting the wallet), and was able to successfully link my Ledger with Specter. I was able to set up the HWI bridge successfully.

Now, I’m getting a “Failed to fetch” when I try to connect to the Ledger, and noticed that when I try to open the whitelist, I get an error when trying to open the whitelist, something I was able to do an hour ago.

Thoughts on what might have happened? I have it set to Remote Specter USB connection since Specter is running on Umbrel, and if I set to Local USB Connection, it won’t find my Ledger. Thanks for the help in advance!

After an hour or so, it started opening normally… :exploding_head: :sweat_smile:

The HWI connection is not working. Any thoughts on why the HWI connection would be working intermittently and how to reset it? Many thanks in advance!