How to set a channel to receive?

The lightning node works. I have set up a channel with Hollandhub. This one has a channel with wallet of satoshi. On my phone I have a wallet of satoshi app with a small amount of sats on it. I want to send that amount to my own node, but the transfer fails. The error is: the route could not be set up, something like that. Sending from my node to my wallet of satoshi works fine. I tried that. Probably I’m not quite done setting up the channel yet. What else do I have to do to receive payments?

Slowly I start to understand, I think. To receive funds someone needs to open a channel with my node. Ones that channel is established my node can receive funds. Do I understand that correctly?

Though I can create an incoming channel with terminal. I make a loop transaction and have to wait until the transaction returns. When it has returned I have created a channel to receive funds. Is that right? Correct me if I am wrong.

When I am right is there documentation about how to set up a loop in terminal?