How to separate bitcoin core and lightning data flow

hi all,
may be the title is unclear.

i would like to go hybrid on a node. allowing clearnet.
that being said i do not like the idea of a advertised IP.

one solution might be to use a vps and route the node trafic on it.

it works but the trafic is heavy . mostly du to bitcoin core. certainly constantly exchanging blocks with peers. lightning trafic i believe is quite light. am i right ?

the idea then could be to have lighting node traffic goes through the VPN/VPS . doing so masking the IP which is the goal. And let the bitcoin core work take place locally , i believe there are no IP exposure there.

is it more understandable. is it a good approach ? is it possible ?
any other optiosn ?

thanks if you do and share.

configuration : dedicated mini pc, ubuntu, umbrel node

There is a great guide on that!

This should meet your needs as you only need to specify the LND port behind the VPS/VPN, so there will not be an advertised IP or port for bitcoin core when configured properly.

thanks , i ll look into it. (and will consider small gift also if i uses it)

By the way, if you update your LND app, there is actually a way to do this within the app now.