How to restore backup Vaultwarden

Hey guys,

I’ve created a second umbrel instance on a separate computer. It’s SER5 with ubuntu. Umbrel is running perfectly ! I wanted to try to restore my vaultwarden session that’s running on my pi.

For so, I’ve made a copy of the /app-data/vaultwarden/data/ folder after stopping the vaultwarden app. And i paste it in my new umbrel isntance in the same location. I then rebooting the umbrel node to restart the vaultwarden app.

I’ve got this message error while connecting through Tor to the app :

server_1 | [2023-09-13 20:18:56.103][error][ERROR] Error saving device.
server_1 | [CAUSE] DatabaseError(
server_1 | Unknown,
server_1 | “attempt to write a readonly database”,
server_1 | )
server_1 | [2023-09-13 20:18:56.110][response][INFO] (login) POST /identity/connect/token => 400 Bad Request

I’ve also checked the folder and files right privilege.