How to pause or uninstall apps

I have several apps installed and running. How can I selectively pause some of them (or prevent them from automatically starting?

Alternatively - how can I uninstall and app - there seems to be no clickable way to do this but likely it is possible on command line?

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you can uninstall them with the manage app button on the home screen.

You can stop single apps only with the help of the command line.


Thanks for the Manage Apps trick - indeed I see how to uninstall.

What command line is needed to stop various apps - happy to read docs if you can point me there

Hey, buddy!

To list all your apps use:

~/umbrel/scripts/app ls-installed

Then copy the app name that U wanna stop and enter:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app stop <app-name>

I was reading the sh app, that is in the folder ~/umbrel/scripts/, and it was what I could understand until now.

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