How to get Umbrel Bitcoin Core public key?


Does someone known how to get the Bitcoin Core (the default Bitcoin wallet on Umbrel) public key ?

I tried to look for it on the differents directories of Umbrel but I didn’t find it (event in umbrel/bitcoin directory).

Bitcoin maximally.

Umbrel is a LND aezeed wallet.
What do you want to achieve?

I would like to use my umbrel’s node public key for BTCPAY server in order to make on-chain invoice to my umbrel node.

  1. I would NOT recommend to do that, only in specific situations and ONLY when you really know what are you doing.
  2. Umbrel LND onchain wallet it should be used ONLY to open and close LN channels. Not to be used as a hot wallet.
  3. For a BTCPay server you could easily use whatever other offline onchain wallet (Electrum, Sparrow, Specter, hardware wallet etc), taking its MPK (master public key) and use it in BTCPay server.
  4. If you really want to ignore all previous points and go on using Umbrel onchain wallet, you have 2 options:

You were warned: do not use node onchain for other purposes than open/close LN channels.

Ok (I fully understood why I was asking for dangerous stuff while looking at!/aezeed …), thank you for the explanation I will use offline onchain wallet…

Thank a lot :wink:

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